End of Season on a Greek island

Just returned from a week in a cottage on Skiathos, courtesy of a swap with my place in Italy. The weather was mixed, and when there’s no sunshine in a place like that, there’s nothing to do. A few observations…

a) I like the way that they are proud of their heritage and play traditional music in their tavernas instead of the pounding pop music you usually get in beach holiday resorts.

b)There’s only one road, and only one bus route. Either your chosen beach is accessible after a scramble from the bus stop, or you get a boat to a beach inaccessible by road. I like that. Beaches are unspoiled, the water clear and blue and the people friendly, especially given that only 6,000 people live permanently on the island and it must feel like a summer invasion every year when the population is multiplied by at least 20.

On the downside…

The airport’s runway is the second shortest in the world and quite scary; and I think I’ll not be disappointed if I don’t hear again for several years the tunes of ‘Zorba the Greek’ or ‘Never on a Sunday.’

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