No Taxation Without Representation!

I was recently summoned to the Municipio to discuss my non payment of a tax I’d never heard of, the ICI tax, something to do with property. I felt very indignant about it: not only did I owe 3 years’s worth of taxes, but I also was to be fined for late payment. This amounted to 30% of the total, a considerable sum. Last year I had actually asked whether there were any taxes to be paid, and the answer had been “Signora, if you have received no bill you cannot pay.” Now, apparently the rules had changed. I still had no bill but I owed hundreds of euros.

As a great concession I was to be allowed to pay in instalments. The next day I went to the cash machine, then to the post office to pay the first instalment in cash. I slid the correct amount under the glass. “That will be 1 euro 30”. I protested. Apparently you have to pay tax on the pleasure of paying tax.

Naturally I am most indignant about the principle of the thing. I’ve written to the British Ambassador in Rome, as well as my Euro MP. I don’t know whether anything will come of it, but it’s ironic that I’m an Italian tax payer but don’t have a vote!

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