Your Personal Guide to Unknown Venice and the Veneto

The Villa dei Vescovi

The Villa dei Vescovi

Spend a day doing exactly what interests you without the distractions and constraints of a group! The idea is to offer original cultural experiences to couples, totally unlike those organised by large travel companies.

Art: The area saw the birth of the Renaissance with big names like Giotto and Donatello as well as jewel-like frescoes by Menabuoi and Zelotti.

Architecture: This is Palladio country. The same villas are on every tour, but there are hundreds more, often privately owned, to visit.

The Euganean Hills

The Volcanic Cones of the Euganean Hills

Walking: Most Italophiles have never heard of the Euganean Hills only 40 miles from Venice. Spend a day in this regional park of extinct volcanoes and hot springs doing circular walks round conical hills.

Food and Wine: The Veneto has fabulous restaurants too numerous to mention. Outside the tourist towns you’ll dine exclusively with the locals on specialities such as bigoli (a kind of pasta) with duck sauce, Padovan chicken with grapes, or even horse and donkey meat for the adventurous! Prosecco grapes grow here, but have you ever tried the upmarket version, Serprino? Wine tasting is a must.

Bigoli de Bassan

Bigoli: the pasta of the Veneto

Other curiosities: St Valentine’s bones, the preserved body of Saint Lucia, 12th century canals and waterway museums, a bizarre museum of the air housed in a 14th century castle, Valsanzibio Italian water garden, Petrarch’s house and his mummified cat….or requests!

Your Guide

Myra Robinson, an Italy enthusiast for over 20 years, lives in the region for most of the year and is a regular writer for Italy Magazine which awarded her Editor’s Choice Article of the Year 2013 for a piece on Venice. She has also written on the area for The Daily Telegraph and The Times, as well as written a book, Fried Flowers and Fango, with another, The Best Mud in Italy, awaiting publication.

You can arrange to be met and driven on your agreed itinerary with the theme of your choice for a day, or by negotiation. A day will cost about £120 plus expenses.

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