Keeping Cool in the Furnace that is an Italian Summer

In my last post I wrote about the dreadful grey weather in Italy, but now it is the opposite and the question is always how to keep cool. In fact, for the first time ever, I’m quite looking forward to returning to England’s unpredictable but pleasant temperatures.

It has been hovering around 40 degrees for two weeks now, and we creep around on the shady side of the street to do the shopping, then return to drink gallons of water.

The air conditioning in the flat is having to work too hard and is inefficient, and the three fans help, but it isn’t’t comfortable, especially for sleeping.

Luckily, during the day we can go to the luxury pool at Lispida Castle which the owner said we could use in return for an article I wrote. The trouble is, and I shouldn’t grumble, that this pool, like all the pools in the area, is thermal and at the moment it’s simply too warm: like swimming in bath water. Friends stayed in a nearby hotel which has two pools, one of which has diluted its thermal water with cold, so that at least was enjoyable.

The other solution is to drive up into the hills where there is often a breeze. If we take books and sit under a parasol in a cafe the afternoon can pass pleasantly. Il Rifugio on Monte Rua was particularly nice.

My favourite place to sit and read is the villa dei Vescovi. There you can sit in the loggia pretending to be an aristocrat and read with a superb view, and there are two further advantages. It’s free to holders of a National Trust card, and hardly anyone visits so that you can have this beautiful place to yourself.

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