A Dismal May in Italy

The first of May was a miracle in retrospect because it was warm and sunny all day. That meant that my little stall of Cose Inglesi did good business and I enjoyed myself for a full 12 hours chatting and selling all sorts of things from marmalade to teapots, fish knives and forks to horse brasses.

Ever since then, the weather has been dull, depressing and damp. The locals are still dressed in their winter uniform of black and more black, and not venturing out of doors apart from to go shopping. Everyone is complaining, not remembering that in March they all complained that we needed more rain.

Not anticipating this gloom, we only brought summer clothes, and are now compromising with layers of shirts and cardigans. I only have one pair of shoes amongst the 6 pairs of sandals, and my thin raincoat doesn’t feel adequate.

What do you do in Italy when the weather is bad? Eat well! We keep on discovering new places to eat in the hills, family owned, full of atmosphere and great value. The latest is Da Nicola, improbably about a mile along a quiet narrow canal tow path, but an enormous barn conversion with seating for over a hundred people. We had their lunch time special at €13 including wine water and coffee and it was superb.

Conclusion? Even in poor weather life here in Italy is great!

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