Surprise trip to New York!

My birthday, as readers and friends know, was something of a disaster, but then all was not lost when Bill spotted a “shopping trip” to New York for 4 days flying from Newcastle.

It was a whirlwind visit, not helped by being wide awake at 3 am and too tired to eat in the evenings. I had forgotten some of the annoying things, like the marked price not being the one you end up paying when all the taxes are added on, and the subway which is certainly not designed to help anyone who isn’t a native of New York.

But…we went to fantastic places (Morgan Library, Neue Gallery, The High Line,The Met…) and enjoyed wandering around, picking up the great Christmas atmosphere (though you’re not supposed to mention Christmas. It’s all politically correct Happy Holidays) The interiors of Art Deco buildings were impressive, and if the over-rated Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station was a disappointment, the diner across the road was a delight.

The shopping was fun, not buying anything expensive, but unlikely things as strange Christmas presents. It didn’t really matter that the return flight was delayed as it was overnight anyway. All in all, a great little adventure!

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