Civic Vandalism

The way they run things in Italy is often infuriating. As I write I can hear chainsaws at work cutting down the beautiful umbrella pines on one of the main streets in Battaglia. Apparently some inhabitants have complained through social media about the roots coming up through the road surface, the nuisance of their needles, and the danger of weak branches falling with the weight of snow in winter. (This has never happened here.) It is a one way street so cars could easily avoid any bumps, which are at the sides of the road and generally covered by parked cars in any case.

Without consultation they are now cutting down all these fine old trees. Apparently if we wanted to do something about it we should have checked the Council minutes last year when the decision was made. It’s too late to object. The only consolation is that the trees will be replaced -they say- with lime trees.

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