Not one, but two BBC interviews!

To the BBC’s Pink Palace this morning to record an interview about life in NE Italy compared with life in NE England. It was specifically to discuss the link between the boatyard of the North East Maritime Trust in South Shields and the Museum of Inland Navigation in Battaglia, my home in Italy. Recently, two members of the Trust have been staying in my apartment and discovering the local canal life, and the differences between their traditional boats and ours.

The interview was wide-ranging, with questions about how I came to find Battaglia and what my life is like there. They were particularly keen to know whether Italians know about the forthcoming referendum, and what I felt about it as a part time resident of the EU. As a result of this discussion, they then asked me to participate in a debate about the Referendum, which will be broadcast next Thursday when I’ll be back in Italy.

It’s a pity I won’t hear it, but on the other hand, it’s always a bit embarrassing to hear your voice on the radio!

(In case you’re wondering, I’m voting to leave, which quite surprised the BBC. I love Europe, especially Italy, but I do not love the EU with its corrupt politicians and waste of resources, its failing economy and inability to manage the immigration crisis.) I wonder if we remain in Europe whether we’ll eventually have to join the euro currency, and the Schengen Agreement? Nobody has told us, and I do not want us to do either of those things. Sovereignty overrides everything!

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