Feminists Have Lost their Way

Funny how the girlie magazines are making such a fuss about high heels at the moment, with the sacking of a receptionist at PWC for wearing ‘flats’, and bare-footed film stars on the red carpet at Cannes, whilst the much more important question of the victimisation of Muslim women – having to cover themselves and obey domineering male family members – continues without comment.

This week a blonde Iranian model was forced by the morality police to re-dye her hair black, and cover herself. Seven leading models there have been arrested for promoting western values.

But none of the ‘quality’ papers mentioned a current exhibition of a photographic competition in London, won by an Iranian, which shows the deformed faces of women who had acid thrown at them for some slight such as seeking a divorce after years of domestic abuse. These photos shock. Are we all too timid, too afraid of being accused racist, to be outraged?

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