The Hypocrisy of Luxembourg and the Schengen agreement

On Good Friday, we had planned to drive though Belgium and Luxembourg to reach Baden Baden, our overnight destination. As we approached Luxembourg, we saw electronic signs saying that the border was closed. It was hard to believe, given all the fuss the EU has made about the Schengen agreement, (we expected hold ups and security checks, of course, which we had already been subjected to in Belgium) but we had no option but to drive round the border through France to get to Germany, adding considerably to our journey. There were signs too on the French side advising motorists that there was no access to Germany via Luxembourg.

Juncker, of Luxembourg, President of the EU, like all of the Eurocrats, has continued to turn a blind eye to the misery caused by ‘irregular migration’ and the pressures of increasing security in order to preserve their naive dream of the United States of Europe. He it is who has spoken for all on the open borders policy, being unwilling to put a stop to free movement, yet nobody at all was being allowed in that day. What hypocrisy!

I have always opposed free movement thoughout Europe: it allowed Abdeslam, one of the Paris attackers, to live unhindered in Brussels for four months. The¬†fatally lax approach thanks to open borders has put millions of lives at risk. The EU is a dysfunctional organisation that seems, until now, to have put its survival above the safety of its people. We are told that we are safer within Europe. Why then do Belgium and France have to rely on MI5 for their intelligence (as the BBC’s security correspondent tells us)? We are more secure, and have the advantage of being surrounded by sea.

I love Eurpoean culture, but I do not wish to be a part of this self-serving, corrupt, dictatorial organisation.

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