Cosi fan Tutte

Following my splendid evening at the opera in Venice, it seemed a good idea to go to Opera North’s Cosi fan Tutte this week. Of course it contains what is generally regarded as the most beautiful music ever written, the trio Soave il Vento which is the most chosen piece of music on Desert Island Discs. It always makes my skin tingle when I hear it.

But it set me thinking about the story of the opera. Cosi fan Tutte translates approximately as ‘Women are like that’ but in my view, they’re not! Trying to prove that they are fickle and can change in less than a day from being devotedly in love with someone, then with another, sounds to me more like the male profile than the female! But come to think of it, most opera libretti are improbable. It’s the music that counts, and last night’s was sublime.

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