Scotland and the Floods

It has recently been announced by Ms Sturgeon (who I always think reminds me of  the wife of Rab C. Nesbitt) that all householders in Scotland who have been affected by the recent floods will be entitled to a payment of £1500, and small businesses £3,000. Where is this money coming from? There has been no similar announcement for the poor people of Carlisle, the Lake District, Lancashire and Yorkshire. I do not begrudge my money as a tax payer going to help these people, but I do want to see fairness. The Scots already receive more, via the Barnett formula, per head than the English, yet it is English taxes which pay for it.

I am strongly opposed to Scottish independence. At the last election the SNP won half the votes cast (but fewer than voted yes in the Scottish referendum) and yet won nearly 100% of the seats. You might think that the Scots are united in their determination to smash the United Kingdon. They are not, but our electoral system makes it appear so.


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