A Conversation Class Coincidence

My local library in Newcastle has started a Italian conversation group on Wednesday evenings. I’m not always in England, but I decided to give it a try this week.

It was quite a small group, with some people, Italy lovers like me, I already knew. The big surprise was our tutor who expressed some surprise when I said I live part time in the province of Padua. “Whereabouts?” he asked. Apparently his family lives in Este, a very pretty town not far from where I live, and which I visit frequently, usually to buy ice creams and sit in the castle gardens. He was astonished to find out where my apartment is.

So… Not only is there an Italian conversation class taking place at the same time on the same day as my English conversation group. Both are also in the local library, and my counterpart is someone from “my” part of Italy!

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2 Responses to A Conversation Class Coincidence

  1. Susanne McGregor says:

    Ciao, la mia amica!
    E Strabo, non e vero?
    Buon viaggio in Italia!
    Dimmi quando ritorni in Inghilterra. Ci piacerebbe affitare il tuo bel apartamento a 2016!

  2. Paola says:

    It is so lovely to read your articles. They show every time the great love you have for this wonderful but in the same time poor Italy and I’m so glad that with you we can speak about our country where ‘our’ means yours and mine.