The Curious Incident of the Man in the Supermarket

Back from Italy, and with no food in the house, I trotted off to Tesco for a few essential items. I was minding my own business by the eggs when a very tall man wearing a green Accenture tee shirt ( is this significant?) crashed into me with his basket. He was most apologetic, continuing to say how sorry he was as he walked backwards into another young man near the cereals. This time the collision was more serious. The corner of his basket hit the student in the tenderest of places, and he sank to the ground in considerable pain, knocking several packets off the shelves. Meanwhile the Man from Accenture went blithely on his way, completely unaware of the trail of damage he was leaving behind him.

I went over to the student who by this time was managing to sit up, moaning quietly, whilst his two friends were alternately laughing at the absurdity of it all, and trying to be sympathetic. I said the same had happened to me, but without the same dire consequences, and agreed to be his witness if he wanted to say anything. But he wasn’t ready to get to his feet, so the dangerous shopper never knew anything about it.

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