A Royal Visit

For the first time in three years, the weather on May 1st was gloomy and threatened rain. All was not lost, though, because one of my students lent a gazebo and a squadron of vigili appeared to secure it to the canal wall. In my haste to unload the car, I dropped the car keys and thought they might have disappeared down the drain. The vigili made all sorts of helpful suggestions about using magnets or bent wire, but I ran back to the flat for the spare keys fearing the worst. Later that morning I found the keys inside one of my boxes of bric a brac.

The usual dealers had arrived before I’d finished unpacking, wanting bargains, which of course I refused. Then people jostled under the awning, partly to shelter, and partly to see the royal celebrities who appeared at my stall. I had brought two very realistic masks of Charles and Camilla, which we put on to great amusement. I do believe they increased sales, and certainly mine was the jolliest stall.


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