The Grand Tour Again

The long drive to Italy began well with a pleasant journey to Eguisheim in Alsace, a picturesque village and centre for excellent wines. The next plan was to visit the Beyeler Gallery in Basle, which we did after missing a turn, but found it whilst managing to avoid the city centre. Driving along Lake Constance was more problematic because the weather was lovely and everyone was out on the same road. Reasoning that we could make up the time on the stretch of motorway to Fussen, we tootled along, but we could not have foreseen the biggest traffic jam   ever, which seemed to extend through the whole of Austria. It took 2 hours to travel 20 km.

Once we began to move, on the Innsbruck road, a bus nearly forced me off the road into a ravine. I was thankful when we arrived at Bressanone at 11pm, only to be stopped by the carabinieri for “control purposes.” He made some stern remark about the lack of fog lights(there wasn’t the slightest hint of fog), and we drove on to our hotel, tired and hungry.

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