Learning English by Osmosis

We’re entertaining an Italian guest here in Newcastle at the moment, a friend I know from my English conversation class in Italy.It’s amazing how quickly the language can be absorbed: after only two months he’s quite fluent, although he gets annoyed when he makes silly mistakes.

We took him to see a film, Inherent Vice, last week. Even I couldn’t understand it, so heaven only knows what he made of it. We should have gone to see Shaun the Sheep which has no dialogue at all. I loved it.

This morning we went to Tynemouth to look round the flea market in the station. He’d heard that there are two Italian girls selling their home made bread, but no such luck. They turned out to be Brazilian. (Which begs the question, what are they doing here?) It proved to be a good trip for me to pick up more things for my Cose Inglesi stall on May 1st: plates, bone china cups and a couple of tiles, one with a “Go to Jail” image and the other, a Guiness advert.

Our friend asked if you can swim in the North Sea. Only if you’re a moron with a death wish.


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