New Book Available!

My book about “Montebello”, The Best Mud in Italy, has recently been published, at last. I decided to do it privately because although it hasn’t been turned down by my bona fide publisher, it could take as much as two years because “there’s no market for travel books at present.” As it’s been written for ages, I’ve decided to get it out there and see what happens.

Yesterday I went to try to persuade Waterstone’s to take a few copies. They were suprisingly helpful, but the departmental manager was on holiday. However, they apparently take an interest in local writers, and I was asked to leave a copy with them. Fingers crossed.

I’m also thinking of an Ebook venture, but as I’m a technodunce, I’ll need some help with it.

So there we are. 100 copies to sell before it starts to pay its way. All orders via my website, please!

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