Tripe Competition!

We were kept awake last Saturday night by a live band playing Beatles music (and singing in bad English) at the bar next door, here in Italy. It was music to attract customers for the Tripe Competition (Vota la Trippa) an annual event where they’d taken over the pavement half way down the street with tables and chairs.

This year, with the opening of a new restaurant, there are 4 entries for the competition. Personally, I cannot imagine anything worse than not only eating a large bowl of tripe one evening, but 3 more different recipes on successive nights, to be able to vote for a winner.

However, the votes don’t really matter if it follows the pattern of previous years. There will be one prize for the tastiest dish, one for presentation, one for ambience…

Everybody wins!

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2 Responses to Tripe Competition!

  1. Bonnie Melielo says:

    My husband loves trippa! One of his favorite dishes. He would adore attending this event! I eat it in small amounts. I am a fried food, crunchy food person so the texture of trippa does not make it a “must eat” in my book.

  2. Myra says:

    Thank you for your comment. The atmosphere was great even though I don’t like tripe at all. It’s just another facet of the Italy I love! (Perhaps with your surname you are Italian too?)