Mosaics and Mausoleums in Ravenna

It’s surprising that Ravenna, with its rich history and monuments, doesn’t have more tourists. I’ve just returned from a couple of magical days there at the height of the tourist season when there were only a few people in each of the famous ancient churches, and the only slow food restaurant was of course chiuso per ferie.

Ravenna’s famous 6th century mosaics are as colourful and sparkling as the day they were created.I find it amazing that these churches have decorations which preceded Giotto by 600 years, and of course unlike frescos, mosaics don’t fade.

The Mausoleum of Theodoric is a hot dusty walk across the railway line, but an amazing building, not with mosaics this time, but an enormous stone “lid” carved out of one piece and sitting on top of the two storey building. Nobody knows how they got it there.

We had dinner in an amazing wine bar which has ceilings like the painted undersides of umbrellas. The whole city felt magical. What a treat!

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