Has Feminism Lost its Way?

A couple of days ago I read about the Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey’s decree that in future women were not allowed to laugh in public. What next? We have grown used to the Muslim treatment of women as second class citizens, with very little in the way of protest from intelligent women in western society.

I have seen for myself local families on a beach in Dubai, the women sitting uncomfortably shrouded in black tents whilst their menfolk and children splash in the sea as they might on any beach in the world. I cannot imagine that these women didn’t feel envious of their children’s and menfolks’ freedom and enjoyment in the heat, despite frequent protests from some Islamic women that the choice to be completely covered is theirs, and it gives them independence. I find this hard to believe. Some might indeed have chosen to be shrouded, but only comply rather than risk intimidation or worse from their communities.

I think the 11th commandment, ‘Thou shalt not commit racism’ has left normally thoughtful caring people incapable of dealing rationally with society’s problems. Witness the recent Trojan Horse case of Birmingham schools’ governing bodies being taken over by hard line Muslims. Those in a position to monitor and advise didn’t dare speak out for fear of seeming racist.

Then there is the horrific practice of female genital mutilation. As I see it, the intention is to make women little more than breeding machines.

Surely we fortunate women in the West have a duty to protect vulnerable women in other cultures who are treated as inferior beings. ¬†Shouldn’t they have equal rights? Isn’t this what feminism was all about?

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