Demand increases for English Conversation!

Every time I go to Italy I meet people who, on discovering I’m English but live there for part of the year, want to have English conversation lessons. This is very flattering, and I enjoy it, but I now need to start to rationalise because the group is too big and the levels are too varied.

At a favourite pizza place last week, La Volpe, the owner asked for lessons for himself and his wife, possibly hoping for more English customers. Another friend might join us, and even the town hall is offering to accommodate me for lessons! If I do much more it will pay all my crippling tax bills in Italy!

My solution at the moment is to divide the group into ‘Basic’ and ‘ Advanced’ groups and continue in the library until the end of the year. We meet again twice in August, so we’ll see how this works.

However, being Italy, there are always administrative snags whenever I have plans. I’ve just had an email from one of my students to say that the library will be closed for a week in August, the very week when one of my classes was planned. With any luck, many of my students will see this blog and understand, but I’d better contact everyone!

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