A Sociological Safari

What could be better on an overcast July day than to go off to that great Mecca for fish and chips, Coleman’s in South Shields? They do what they call an OAPS’ special and it’s amazing value, as well as fun. I love the way they tell you on a blackboard the name of the fishing boat that brought in the day’s catch.

Feeling very full, and more like a snooze than any exercise, we decided to go for a walk along the sea front. It was fascinating. There was evidence on the beach of several school trips, leaving clusters of towels, bags and clothes at strategic points along the beach whilst the small children, all wearing “high viz” waistcoats,bravely put their toes in the freezing North Sea.

Meanwhile, a young mother near us remonstrated with her baby crawling in the sand as he put a cigarette end in his mouth.

“Yer too early for that, son.”

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