Meeting the New Mayor

The Italian local elections have been and gone, and we now have a new town council. I went along to the Municipio to see the ceremony. The new mayor was solemnly given a red white and green sash to wear, and he swore an oath to the Constitution, then gave a little speech (always due parole, two words) about his personal philosophy, and his hopes for the future. Then of course we had many other due parole, some going on for far too long, so that the audience became very restless, not helped by the overpowering heat and sitting on sticky plastic chairs, and many went outside for a smoke to relieve the boredom. The outgoing councillors were not very polite about the new regime, and things could have got a little out of hand except that it was time for aperitivi, so everyone adjourned to local bars.

We went to our nearest bar on the corner, always a lively place, and had just found a table under a fan in the pergola when the new council plus supporters all trooped in. Great fun and merriment all round, especially as that evening was the England v Italy World Cup match.

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