May Day in Italy

Knowing as I do the impossibility of anything being well organised in Italy, I resolved this year to plan my stall selling English things at the May Day festival in good time. I asked in the Municipio whereabouts my stall would be, but was just told I had to be in the church car park at 7.30am and ask the man with the list. Hopeless! At 7.15 the streets were completely blocked with vans all trying to deliver boxes to stalls and people were taking available spaces whether they were official or not. I found myself next to a Piadine van and he tried to make me move because he wanted extra space. Luckily I spotted Filippo, an official I know, and he defended my right to stay where I was.

Once I began unpacking, it was amazing. People bought things as soon as they came out of the boxes. They almost came to blows over sets of fish knives and jars of marmalade.

The weather was perfect, luckily. The day before, it had poured down all day, and it was hard to believe that it would be sunny. The best part is, I’ve made enough money to pay my dreaded EMU tax this year, so I feel I’m coping very well with crazy Italian bureaucracy.

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