English Conversation Class

My little English class in the library goes from strength to strength, and I really enjoy their enthusiasm. I recruited two more members on May Day, people who were buying Earl Grey tea from my stall,  and I keep on meeting other lovely people who ask if they can join us.

the last time we met, I went to the library as usual only to find it was closed. There was a notice on the door to that effect, and I wondered what to do. It seemed that playing host in my flat was the only answer, and tried to contact as many as I could at short notice. It was quite a squash, with only just enough chairs, and I had no materials because I had prepared exercises which needed to be photocopied in the library, but I think the different setting perhaps made it more informal and I like to think it went well, although we missed Alberto who was up in the Dolomites with his cows. He promised to speak to them in English for practice.


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