The wonders of the Internet

Out of the blue the other day I received an email from someone who’d seen my website, following up on a news item in Waterways World magazine. He was about to go on a wine and cheese tasting holiday to Northern Italy but now that he’d been alerted, he wanted to see the Canal Museum in Battaglia Terme. Unfortunately, I was due to arrive the day he left, so I hastily contacted Maurizia in the local library because I know she has a key to the museum, and told my correspondent how to get there, then awaited the result. He had arrived when the library was closed, but had the good sense to go for lunch to a place I’d recommended, Fermati un Momento, which he pronounced more of a museum than a trattoria. By the time lunch was finished, the library was open and Maurizia had found lots of interesting reference books, as well as one to be given as a present. I now know that he comes from Goole, which is coincidentally where I lived as a child. Goole has a canal museum which he says has more in common with Battaglia than Stoke Bruerne, the original twinned museum I organised. I feel another twinning coming on, and more parties visiting my favourite unknown part of Italy!

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2 Responses to The wonders of the Internet

  1. Geoff says:

    Your magical gift for coincidences and interesting encounters rubs off on other people too!
    Geoff (Silver Tortoise)