Police Escort in Bressanone

It was completely dark when we got to Bressanone and we only had vague instructions about finding our hotel which was “near the centre”. Following signs, we crossed the river and appeared to be leaving the town. “Better turn round and find another bridge to get back to the centre,” he said.

Along the river there was a narrow lane with a bridge ahead of us. We turned, only to discover that it was a foot bridge. I got out to see whether we could drive off or whether we’d need to reverse. At that point a police car came up behind us.

We moved off cautiously with the police car in slow pursuit. In the next small square we decided to stop and own up to contravening the ‘pedestrians only’ signs. I asked, in my best Italian, if they could help us to find our hotel, the Garni Cremona.

Then I overheard one say to the other, “Thank goodness this woman speaks Italian.”

“You have the wrong town. This isn’t Cremona.” I assured them that was the improbable name of our hotel.

“Follow us, Signora,” they said and drove off through a maze of streets which eventually led to our hotel. Then with a salute they were off.

i suppose they had nothing better to do. Every day is a quiet day in Bressanone so this GB car was a big event.



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