Scotland and the UK

Over dinner with friends the other evening, we discussed the Scottish referendum.

Apart from major considerations such as the Barnet Formula whereby all Scots get £1,500 pp extra from English taxes, or the West Lothian Question where they have MPs in Westminster but we have no say in their parliament, there are other worryingly unfair issues.

My friend has a daughter who has just graduated from Edinburgh University. He has paid her fees in full for three years. At the ceremony he met a Spaniard whose daughter was also graduating. She was his third child who had attended a Scottish university – free of charge. This is so blatantly unfair that it is insulting. Scots have free education at their universities and so does the rest of Europe, apart from us.

I have nothing against Scotland or the Scots, and wish them to remain a part of the UK, but on an equal footing.

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