First World War commemorations

My grandson Milo is doing a project at school and asked me for some family history. Luckily, I have a record of my grandfather Herbert Woodhead’s experiences as a soldier in various battles including the Somme.
He described how each evening he and his colleagues ran lighted candles along the seams of their jackets to kill the fleas.
He also told the story of being under fire in no man’s land, and taking shelter, with comrades, in a ruined farmhouse where they found the remains of a cupboard on one wall. Inside, they found some jars of jam, but couldn’t see what kind as it was dark. They were hungry so they ate it. The jam was crunchy, and the next morning, they found out why. It was full of dead flies and maggots.
When I was in Paris recently I went for the first time to the Military Hospital, now a war museum, of Val de Grace. It has fascinating exhibits, especially on the wounded of the First World War. It made me wonder why the French seem not to be commemorating the centenary when we in the UK are doing so much.

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