Big Cruise Ships Back in Venice

I’ve just read with incredulity a report in the paper which says that the recent ban on large cruise ships in the Venetian Lagoon has been overturned. The law, introduced last November, restricted the number of ships weighing over 40,000 tons that were permitted to enter from the Adriatic ┬ábecause of the environmental harm they cause. (See my recent piece on the No Big Ships Campaign)

The court has now ruled that the risks to Venice, a World Heritage site, have not been proved. What nonsense! Is there any wonder that the people of the Veneto are voting as I write to become independent of the rest of Italy. They say that their taxes are squandered on projects mainly in the south, and Venice historically was a City Republic, to which status it should revert. I’m sure that Venice would be protected from big cruise ships once more if the Venetians get their way. Good luck to them!

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