Venice Carnival What’s On

As I’ll be in Venice for the Carnival this month, I thought I’d look to see what the major events were to plan my trip. The web site is typically Italian, i.e. written in crazy Euro-English and giving no information whatsoever. The description of the theme is in that kind of flowery English which has obviously been translated straight from Italian with no thought as to whether the English is correct, or even means anything. We are apparently going to encounter “animal and vegetable monsters”. There will be ” A Fantasy Dictionary”, described as a “morphologic map of unbound human creativity pleased to explore nature and its mysteries, freely travelling in the heads of our ancestors…and our children.” I suppose I should be grateful that at least they have spelt “travelling” the English way rather than the American.

As for the calendar… All you get is a list of dates starting on February 14th and ending on March 4th with all the dates in between. There is no mention of events, much less times or venues, and to add insult to injury, the what’s on list tells ¬†us that details may change without warning. I thought of contacting the organisers, especially the Director, Davide Rampello, but of course there is no way to do so on the web site. I’m sure it will all be the usual crowds wandering aimlessly wearing garish masks.As usual, they don’t make the most of opportunities for publicity.

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