Male Vanity

I’ve been doing a lot of observing of young men lately, and noted something new which I find disconcerting, though logically, there’s no reason why I should. It’s their eyebrows. Suddenly it seems, the youths I sit opposite on the metro, the apprentices who are doing my bathroom, the shop assistants in B and Q are all sporting tidily shaped eyebrows. I suspect that men have always tried to get rid of a few hairs in the centre to prevent a continuous line across the forehead, but this is much more than that. They are arched and plucked, and to my mind anyway, do not look right on a male face. I thought at first maybe it was just gay men, but the plumber talks lustily about his girlfriend, and his eyebrows are two neat chevrons.

Women have always plucked their eyebrows, sometimes (horribly) to complete elimination, but men? Sorry, I don’t like it.

On a lighter note, my grandson has started using tubs full of hair gel to construct a sort of pompadour. Could it be that there are girls on the train home?

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