Trapped in a Building Site

As if it isn’t bad enough hobbling around and confined to quarters after my second bunion operation. Work began on a new bathroom this week, and it is very far from being the simple job I imagined. There were two layers of tiles which had to be removed, a wall had to be knocked down, a new trap door to the loft created, a new hot water cylinder installed, two new radiators put in place…all this is underway as I write, huddled in the only semi warm room in the house. The hard-working lads keep asking me questions which I often can’t answer about what needs to be done. Apparently one wall isn’t true so the new shower tray won ‘t line up against it and a false wall will have to be built. I can almost feel the final bill growing by the minute.
I look forward to a heated house this evening. How typical that the work would take place on the coldest spell of the year so far!

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