We spend at least 20 years in “our” part of Italy feeling safe and secure, and then we go for a walk and come back to see two car windows smashed and my handbag gone from the locked boot. Locals couldn’t be more helpful, and very distressed that it should have happened. Carabinieri equally supportive. I quickly get my crime number and cancel my credit cards, hoping that if my other cards are discarded I might have them returned as they’ll be no use to criminals.

The local mechanic repairs the car windows (and cleans the car) in less than 2 days, and more cheaply than it would have┬ácost in England. Just as well because it’s not worth losing my no claims bonus to claim for the cost.

I’ve learned a lesson the hard way, but at least nothing that mattered to me was stolen. Money can be replaced and there’s no point letting it spoil my outlook on life. I still love Italy!

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