Looking Back, Looking Ahead

I’m just doing what everyone does at this time of year: taking stock.

Last year was a very good one for lots of enjoyable trips to Italy, and was memorable for having a bunion operation on my right foot. (Thanks, Freeman Hospital.) I no longer need crutches, but still find myself walking with a limp, and wondering how I’ll get shoes to fit with two such mismatched feet.

Possibly the best news of 2012 was to sell the Polish translation rights for the new version of my book. Maybe this year I’ll be lucky enough to have a positive decision about publishing it in English. (It’s still under consideration with Orion Books.)

Looking forward to a trip to Paris in early February, then on to Venice. Must go to see Giovanna Zanelli, who makes shoes, to see if she can do something about my footwear! I already have a pair she made, and I’m now wondering if she’ll be willing to make another right foot!

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