Guy Fawkes

My first outing since my operation was two days ago, for lunch in the best fish and chip shop in the world, in South Shields. When I set off on my crutches to head for the loos, I was ushered to the disabled facilities. It came as a great surprise to realise that for the moment anyway, I’m perceived as disabled.

Incapacitated as I am, I had to turn down an invitation to the family bonfire. Instead, I offered to make the Guy, something I can do whilst I remain horizontal. We decided to deliver it in person, so I sat in the back with my right leg horizontal, and Guy Fawkes was in the front passenger seat. The car attracted quite a few stares on the way to Corbridge.

Matilda, aged four, had never met a Guy before. (Or at least she didn’t remember my previous works of art.)  She later asked me something about Sky Fawkes. As he’s destined to be turned into smoke, it somehow seemed appropriate.

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