A Ditty from my Australian Sister

Ideally, this should be sung, but reading it and imagining the Bye Bye Blackbird tune is the next best thing…

Pack up all my cares and woes,

Soon I’ll have nice straight toes,

Bye bye bunion.

There’s a team that waits for me,

To perform surgery.

Bye bye bunion.

Soon I’ll be back on my feet and prancing,

I’ll be wearing shoes just made for dancing.

No more hiding feet from sight.

I’ll be fixed by tonight.

Bunion, bye bye.


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2 Responses to A Ditty from my Australian Sister

  1. Clare says:

    Hope you are feeling better and are getting ready to hop back to BT!

    • Virginia..... says:

      I love the ditty, So bunion be gone??????? And on your birthday!!!!! You will be dancing again soon. I’m sure of it. I loved reading your blog. I’m not so willing to put too much out there. I’m a bit reticent to let it all hang out .Since I stopped doing makeup, my life has been semi-boring. I miss the stars, politicians and other quirky people I had the opportunity to meet . Ha. Won’t go on but again hope you had a great birthday! Bye for now, Virginia