Trenitalia for Room 101

My English conversation class this week was about George Orwell. We read extracts, then I asked each of them to nominate something to go in Room 101. Maria suggested Trenitalia. It was prophetic.

On Friday I was in Venice and turned up at the station to return, only to find complete chaos.┬áThere had been a power failure on two lines on the causeway, so no trains were moving in or out. There were no announcements and no information, so nobody knew what was going on. When I found an official to ask, the rely was, “We’re in the hands of God, signora.”

I learned from the newspaper the next day that the Rome train was stuck on the causewayfor hours and most of the passengers decided to get out and walk into Venice. This of course caused even more chaos.

One official described it as the sort of day where you sweat your way through seven shirts. It’s the sort of thing that makes even an Italophile like me feel exasperated. Nobody takes responsibility and they can’t organise anything.

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