Hospital waiting list

I’ve now been waiting for an operation to correct my ugly feet (one bunion at a time) for over a year. Yesterday I saw the consultant, very nice man, who agreed it would finally be done on October 15th. Hurray.

There was some confusion about the date, but it has all been agreed after I pleaded a special case so that I can get back to my beloved Italy.

I feel the need to go back there for a final fling on two feet before I’m stuck at home for 6 weeks. I leave on 30th Sept and I’m looking forward to teaching my conversation group some English folk dances in the library!


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One Response to Hospital waiting list

  1. Geoff Hare says:

    I know your have had your operation now (successful from what you said) and are initially confined to bed with your foot up. It will seem a slow recovery but worth it. Best wishes, Geoff