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New Version of Book Finished!

I set myself a deadline of the end of August to finish rewriting my book, Fried Flowers and Fango, and I’ve done it! The book is much refined and expanded, and now has 25 chapters (as opposed to the original … Continue reading

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Letter from Prince Charles!

Last time I ate at my favourite restaurant in the Euganean Hills, the waitress told me I’d chosen Prince Charles’s seat. It turns out that he visits friends in the area to paint watercolours and had the good taste to … Continue reading

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Beggars on the Paris Metro and Italian Trains

Unlike the Paris Metro where sophisticated beggars enter a carriage and give a beautifully composed oration about their hardship, even impressing listeners with a nice use of the subjunctive, the beggars on Italian trains are virtually mute. Instead, they place … Continue reading

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