Cose Inglesi

When my widowed mother “downsized” (as the jargon goes) I was left with cupboards full of things too good to throw out, and was turned away by the local charity shop for dumping too much on them. The answer came to me one Sunday morning in Montegrotto. Why not sell them at an Italian flea market? Maybe Italians would like English bric a brac.

Our annual journey through France to Italy in March was in part to carry several boxes of cup and daucers, plates, glasses, pictures and curiosities for a market stall. But it wasn’t as easy to arrange as I’d thought.

You have to apply for the privilege, and 70 euros was going to take up all of my profits, if not more.

However, my little village has a May Day Festival where stalls line the canal, which is always prettily decorated with hundreds of flowers. I asked our local organiser (with the typically over-the-top title of Councillor for Culture) what she thought about a stall of Cose Inglesi (English Things).

“Certainly, Signora. What a good idea. We can let you have a two metre table.”

(Better yet – for nothing!)

So on Tuesday we fly out there with a few extra pieces for the stall. Very conveniently Marks and Spencer’s have bunting on sale for the Jubilee, so I bought a length of it for decoration. Will it be a success? Watch this space.

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