The Queen of the Waterways


The new management group celebrating the saving of the museum

We all raise a glass of prosecco

I now have the official title, displayed with my photograph in the Museum of Navigation, of La Regina Dei Fiume which translates roughly as The Queen of the Waterways. Last Thursday I was invited to a meeting to confirm the new management of the museum, now that the museum has “international connections” (thanks to me and to my friend Clare) and will be saved for posterity.

The meeting was the usual self-important talking without listening to what was said. I made one or two suggestions in bad Italian, which were listened to politely, and then the free-for-all began again.

Of course the real reason for the meeting, this being Italy, was an excuse for drinking prosecco and eating some of the fantastic little cakes which only appear at Carnival time.

Back home again, I can let friends know that the twinning between the little museum in Battaglia and two in Stoke Bruerne and Devizes is now official and we can all expect lots of similar parties next summer.

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