Myra Robinson


Myra.RobinsonMyra Robinson’s teaching career has ranged from teaching French in Wales, to her specialism, children with behaviour problems, eventually becoming a head teacher. (And for that, she says, you need a good sense of humour and the ability not to take yourself too seriously.) She was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to examine working with disaffected young people throughout Europe.

On the lighter side, she took part in the very first reality TV series in the 1980s which gave her slightly more than the average 15 minutes of fame.

With a passion for travel, languages and the arts, she has published many articles, mainly on travel and education, (Daily Telegraph, Independent, Times Educational Supplement, etc.), and is a regular contributor to Italy Magazine and La Gazetta Italiana.

In 2013 she was awarded the Editor’s Choice Article of the Year for a¬†campaigning piece on keeping cruise ships out of Venice, and she has recently won a travel writing competition in the Sunday ¬†Telegraph.

After a life-long obsession visiting spa towns, she discovered Montebello, (its fictional name), a faded backwater once renowned as having the best mud in Italy, the focus of her first book, Fried Flowers and Fango.

She began learning Italian because the place intrigued her, and she ended up buying an apartment, feeling driven to write an account of life there. With an acutely observant eye, she enjoys its humour and quirkiness, and has become part of the community. Her latest project is to arrange twinning between the Museum of Navigation and two canal museums in England.

There is now a hilarious second book, The Best Mud in Italy, which incorporates and enlarges upon her unexpected life in this Italian backwater, and can be obtained via this website and also available as a Kindle edition from Amazon.

Myra now divides her time between Newcastle upon Tyne and Battaglia Terme. She sits as a magistrate, occasionally advises on education, and continues to write, notably in Italy Magazine and on this website.

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